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Computer Forensics and Analysis

Cyber Crime includes a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but

not limited to, theft of trade secrets, theft of or destruction of intellectual

property and fraud. 

Premier Investigation Group has the ability to draw on an array of methods for

the purpose of discovering data that resides on a computer system, recovering

deleted, encrypted or damaged file information, tracking internet/network log

files, detecting unauthorized file copying, and search and recovery of email.

Premier Investigation Group has a dedicated team with extensive law

enforcement and laboratory computer experience. Our skilled professionals

understand the specific challenges and requirements associated with complex

forensic examination and are expert in preservation, recovery and examination

of digital evidence.

The Computer Forensic Division is under the directorship of a board certified forensic scientist, with a masters degree in forensic science.  We do not source out any of our forensic computer examinations, and we utilize our own Digital Intelligence Forensic Recovery Evidence Device and Cellebrite Mobile Forensics.  Our staff forensic scientist, has received basic, intermediate, and advance training in forensic computer recovery, and has attended state and federal law enforcement computer forensic training workshops.  Court testimony regarding examinations performed and the results obtained can be provided, as well as expert witness testimony in the following areas:

Preservation of evidence
Data/Document Recovery
Computer Forensics
E-mail Analysis
Internet investigation
Intellectual Property Theft
Economic Fraud

Our staff is court qualified at the federal, state, and local levels for both civil and criminal cases.

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