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       Forensic Science: Forensic Documents - Fingerprints - Trace Evidence

Forensic Science Division

The Forensic Science Division is under the directorship of a full time board certified forensic scientist, who holds a masters and doctoral degree in forensic science, and has been qualified as an expert in state, local and federal district courts. 

Utilizing state of the art forensic laboratory equipment, we can examine questioned documents, trace evidence, latent fingerprints, bodily fluids, gunshot residue, paint, and other items of forensic value. We can also test hair, blood, and urine for illegal and controlled substances, using gas chromatography/mass spectrophotometry.

                                                                                 Questioned Documents - In addition to determining authorship of a signature, or a written document,

                                                                                 we can individualize ink, paper, printers, fax machines, and copiers. We can  usually determine the        

                                                                                 relative age of ink, and provide court qualified experts.

                                                                                 Trace Evidence - Trace evidence is that forensic evidence that is transferred between individuals and

                                                                                 objects during the commission of a crime.  Trace evidence can include hairs, fibers, soil, paint,             

                                                                                 liquids, and other physical evidence.

Latent Fingerprints - Latent fingerprints are those fingerprints left at a crime scene that are

not visible to the human eye. Most fingerprints are developed utilizing a variety of powders

to make the print visible. There are other techniques used to develop fingerprints on porous

materials, such a copy paper, envelopes, or even a postage stamp on a letter.

Blood/Bodily Fluid - We can individualize blood, semen, hair, and skin. DNA analysis can virtually guarantee a positive identification.
Toxicology/Drug Testing - The forensic laboratory can perform drug testing for illegal and controlled substances. We can perform this test from blood, urine, or hair. We can also analyze liquids and compounds to determine their composition.

Paternity Testing - We can perform DNA paternity testing utilizing a board certified forensic scientist.  DNA test results are available within five days of testing, and we provide expert court testimony.  We can perform the DNA analysis from blood or oral swabs.

Forensic Testing   

                   * Evidence Sample

                   * Reference Sample

                   * Bone Sample

                   * Mitochondrial DNA

                   * Evidence Examination for DNA

                   * Semen Detection & DNA Profiling

                   * Criminal Paternity

                    * Infidelity Cases

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